Percorso Giallo

dedicated to the exhibition:
“Le Vie dell’Arte”

Exhibition "Le Vie dell'Arte"

The Carrara Academy arrives in Solto Collina, ambassador of its masterpieces.

The rich heritage of 'Accademia Carrara , which has thousands of works and endless stories , gives itself a summer showcase on, dressing them with color and lighting them with beauty.

A selection of masterpieces designed by the Educational Services of the museum, which offer the inhabitants of the town and the numerous visitors three summer courses to learn about Carrara's works and artists. A first meeting with a lake view, informal and relaxed, which sounds like an invitation to get to know the area, to visit the Carrara Academy.


Stages of the route

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Faces and portraits

Characters of history or ordinary people, famous or unknown, this journey of six works brings together the faces of Carrara, you can look them in the eyes and listen to their story.

Seventeenth stage

Piazzetta delle vecchie Fontane

Masterpieces and great artist

The most famous artists and the most famous works as you've never seen them: to be amazed.

Landscape and places

Bergamo and not only in the deep landscapes depicted in the works. Six paintings to travel in space and find yourself at the sea, under the branches of a large tree or in the Upper Town.

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