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“Tante foto… Una storia”

The Project "Tante foto... Una storia"

In 2014 the Dr. Ester Pozzi called me to show me her "precious" collection of historical photos about the town, the people and the places of Solto Collina. Hence the idea that these photographs could become a good for the whole community, but not only, that they could highlight some glimpses that could sometimes seem abandoned.

With the Architect Sara Zenti (then president of the Commission of Ornate) the idea of realizing some really big “pictures” embellished by a frame that in some situations also became flower boxes. From the idea of preparing 5 or 6, it was possible to realize as many as 14. The objective has further evolved and, in addition to concealing anonymous and gray walls, it has become the one of making known the history of the town of Solto Collina, its habits , arts and crafts through photographs of 80/100 years ago.

In the recent 2017 we have gone further, also on the tourist wave of Lake Iseo and of the initiatives and projects of the G16, deciding to further promote the country in terms of tourism and to establish a " Open-Air Museum "In collaboration with various museums (the Academies Carrara, Tadini, Brera) that annually would exhibit reproductions of various canvases, the size of 3.0 x 1.5 ml, of one or more painters / artists, to be left exposed along a pedestrian path for 5/6 months (including the summer), and bringing the stations from 14 to 20 also thanks to the valuable contribution of the Lombardy Region, thus enhancing the whole country.

Durante la realizzazione del progetto di ampliamento delle postazioni, nasce l’idea delle visite guidate, del percorso multimediale e della loro geolocalizzazione, così da poterlo percorrere singolarmente con l’ausilio di smartphone (grazie ai QR Code), in bicicletta, a cavallo, etc… Tutto questo con la finalità di fare cultura e turismo, portando visitatori italiani e stranieri, facendo loro conoscere le abitudini storiche di Solto Collina, con la possibilità di soggiornarvi valorizzando il concetto della casa vacanza e bed and breakfast.

Maurizio Esti

Councilor for Culture
Tino Consoli


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